How to Create a Storefront with Shopping Cart on Facebook to sell music, books, or any product

26 Oct

With over 800 million users Facebook has become a global shopping mall.  Entrepreneurs and brands are currently interested in promoting their services and in selling to this huge global market created on Facebook.  But how can you sell your products on Facebook?

If you have products to sell on Facebook, one of the easiest ways to do this is with Cool Mojito (  Cool Mojito allows businesses to create Facebook Fan pages with full ecommerce and shopping cart features.  You can simple drag and drop a Store App to your Facebook tab and add your product information.  This includes product photos, product description, Paypal shopping cart button, and pricing in virtually any currency in the world.  You can add an unlimited amount of products to your page.

It takes only a few minutes to create your own store front with Cool Mojito.  No technical knowledge is needed to do this.

On November 7th when Cool Mojito goes from Beta to Live it will also include apps to allow you to create a music store and a book store directly on your Facebook Fanpage.

If you are a musician you will be able to create a music store and publish it on your Facebook Fanpage.  This feature will allow users to sample your music before making a purchase.  They will be able to download the tunes after purchase and all funds will go directly to your Paypal account.

Authors can do the same with ebooks.  You can upload your ebooks and sell them on the bookstore you create on your Facebook fanpage with Cool Mojito.  Visitors to your Fanpage will be able to purchase your books and download it from the site.  This is a great feature for traditionally published or self published authors as well as book distributors.  It provides another channel in addition to for authors to sell their work online.

Cool Mojito is 100% app based and takes only a few minutes to create a store front to sell your products or services.  Once you have created your store you can publish it on Facebook and promote it on Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter to create a viral effect.

You can track visitors to your storefront with Insights a Facebook features that gives you drill down statistics and analytics about visitors to your store.

With Cool Mojito you’re able to easily build your storefront and start monetizing the global mall called Facebook, within a few minutes.

To learn more about Cool Mojito, please visit

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