Facebook Release Timeline for Fanpages

29 Feb

Today Facebook released Timeline for their fan pages. We believe that this changes could be very exciting for businesses who use custom pages from Cool Mojito to build their brand and awareness on Facebook and other social media sites.

Here are the most important points …

  1. Yes, all your Cool Mojito pages still work as before
  2. No, you do not have to make any changes to your existing Cool Mojito pages
  3. Yes, you can create and publish pages as you did before with Cool Mojito
  4. Facebook has removed the Default Landing Page feature. Timeline is now the default landing page.
  5. You can Preview how your page will look on Timeline from your Fanpage if you’re the Admin. There is a Preview button at the top of your fanpage for this.
  6. Facebook has extended the page width to 810px wide. Cool Mojito will make adjustments in the coming weeks for you to take advantage of this.
  7. Facebook will automatically convert your Fanpage to Timeline on March 30th.

We will keep you updated regarding this item. However, we think that Timeline has the potential to become an excellent opportunity for businesses to create stronger brands and deeper engagement with their fans on Facebook. Cool Mojito will continue to release features to help you take advantage of these opportunities.

One Response to “Facebook Release Timeline for Fanpages”

  1. Anwar Benny March 1, 2012 at 7:19 pm #

    Thank you for the information its really appreciated

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