Facebook Timeline Changes

23 May

Timeline Changes

All Cool Mojito tabs now use the 810px width. If you would like to take advantage of this with your design please just login, edit your page, and Publish. The 810px will be the page default width for editing and when published to Facebook.

We’ve also added a couple new features that you will find useful for timeline.

Custom Tab Icon

You can now add a custom tab icon to your Fanpage tab. You can either use one of our default images or you can upload your own image for your tab. To do this…
Log into the site > Edit your page > go to ‘Publish’ tab. On the Publish page you will see the option to Select Tab Icons. Select any of the default icons or upload your own.

The icon will display at the top of the timeline page.

Custom Tab Name

You can now use any name that you would like for your Fanpage tabs. The name you use will be displayed on your timeline page below your tab icon. To edit or change your tab name … log into Cool Mojito > Edit your page > go to Publish tab > Change your tab name > Publish your page.

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