Band Website and Private Social Networks for Fans

28 Nov

band website builderCoolMojito released a website builder product this week that musicians, bands, or their fans can use to create a website, mobile site, and social networking website within 60 seconds.  The sites come preloaded with content about the author from various online sources, including CoolMojitos database of over 2 million artist.  This allows bands to save time and effort in building and launching their site.  There are various social media features that come with the band site and monetization options to allow the band to start generating revenue from the site.

The social media site that is created is private for fans.  It includes features similar to Facebook and other social networking platforms.  This includes activity feeds, wall, Instant Messaging, photo albums, video sharing, friending, personal profiles, MP3 and music uploads, email messaging, classifieds, online store, events and other features.  Bands can even monetize the social network by selling ads on the site, changing for membership fees, selling concert and event tickets, and even selling t-shirts, albums and other items in the online store.  Paypal merchant feature is built in to allow the collection of revenue on the site.  This allows the collection of funds from any major credit or debit cards including Mastercard, Visa and Amex.

The site is fully mobile responsive, meaning that it can be accessed from any mobile or tablet device including iphones and android devices.  Special mobile access to the social network is also included for those who select the Social plan.

Hosting and support is included with all plans.  There is unlimited membership, unlimited storage, and unlimited bandwidth as well.  Bands can also use their own domain name for their site URL.

You can check out the really cool demo of the site by visiting and typing your band or any musician’s name and click Free Preview.  This gathers the artist data from various sources and instantly build the website template.  You can also view the website in mobile devices from the preview page.

If you’re looking for an awesome website for your band and fans then you won’t find a better and more comprehensive solution than the Cool Mojito website builder.

To learn more about this product please visit

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