You can use Cool Mojito to build amazing facebook pages for your business. But you can do a lot more than that. Cool Mojito was created as a FREE 360 degree solution to help businesses build their online presence and acquire new customers and leads with Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and soon Google+. The main concept behind the product is to make it extremely easy for anyone to market and promote their business or brand on the leading social media websites and acquire new customers. This kind of marketing is generally called Social Media Marketing.

Key Steps for Social Media Marketing:

1. Design

Businesses can easily select from dozens of professionally designed themes to create great looking Facebook pages. We’ve built an easy to use drag and drop interface to customize all our themes and designs so that each page can be created with its own unique look and feel. This solution allows you to build an entire website within Facebook including menus, links, pages to fully represent your product or services in Facebook.

In addition to standard features like rich text, photos, and videos we’ve also included the ability to monetize pages on Facebook with ecommerce features, and the ability to capture leads with campaign features.

No technical experience or coding is needed to build very complex pages or entire websites on Facebook or to market your site on the top social media websites like twitter and LinkedIn.

2. Publish

Once customers have created their page they can publish the page to their Facebook Fan page with one simple click. This creates a new tab and includes optional features for Fangating where users must Like the page to see content, Share, and Comments from users. You can publish to any Facebook page that you have Admin access to.

3. Promote

You can promote your page on Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin to create viral marketing opportunities for your new pages. This gives you access to over 750 million Facebook users, over 100 million linked in users, and millions of twitters users.

4. Analyze

We’ve included the Facebook Insights feature to give you drill down visibility of analytics about how many people like your page, trends about your page, and other valuable stats that will help you to manage and maintain your online presence.

Our Team

Cool Mojito was created by Rohan Hall and Sylvie Hall, also creators of rSitez (www.rsitez.com), one of the leading white label social network platforms available today. rSitez has created thousands of social media websites for clients in the USA, Europe and Asia and are the recognized experts in building custom social network platforms.

The Cool Mojito team currently consist of 10 developers, designers and other personnels with expertise in social media development and marketing. The team is based on Orlando, Florida and Barcelona, Spain.

Rohan Hall, Cool Mojito founder/CEO has 26 years of experience in the technology sector. Also, founder of rSitez, a leading social network website provider. Rohan has developed global technology solutions for various Global 500 organizations throughout the United States, Europe, and Asia including Honda, PeopleSoft/Oracle, Hewlett Packard, Sierra Pacific Resources, Robert Half International and others. He is the author of Stop Working, a business and technology book that teaches entrepreneurs how to build businesses and take them global. Rohan has a degree in Business Administration from National University.

Sylvie Hall, Co-Founder and COO, managed the growth of rSitez to a global business. She was former Europe/Middle East/Africa (EMEA) manager at Oracle Europe as well as a Business Manager at Corning. Sylvie has worked in the technology industry for twelve years and has a degree in Business Administration.

Product History
The initial private beta launch for Cool Mojito was done in June 2011. We received excellent and very constructive feedback from client during this period and made a significant amount of enhancements with the product since then. The product is now in open beta as of August 2011.

We will continue to enhance this product with a target of being the leading provider of social media marketing solution to small and midsize businesses globally.

The software is completely multilingual with initial launch in the USA, UK, Spain and France. Current languages are English, Spanish, and French with more languages being added monthly.

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